Aryasasol Polymer Company Achieves 10% Increase in Cumulative Production in 1402
Aryasasol Polymer Company has successfully increased its cumulative production by 10% in the calendar year 1402 (which ended on March 20) compared to the previous year.

According to Wikiplast, citing Ariassol Polymer Company, this industrial complex managed to record the production of one million and 961 thousand tons of products at the end of 1402, which is 177 and 53 thousand tons higher than the aforementioned years, respectively, compared to the years 1401 and 1400. Was

In 1401 and 1400, Palmir Ariassol Company had produced 1 million 784 and 1 million 908 thousand tons of products, respectively.

The most important issue in the issue of Ariassol production was recording an unprecedented record of safe production during one-year activity, so that the global index of recordable incidents reached zero or RCR=0 during this period

Income jump

In the past year, Ariassol Polymer Company broke the annual record of product sales in the commercial sector and managed to sell 1 million 163 thousand tons of products, which in 1401 and 1400 was 1 million 84 and 1 million 109 thousand respectively. Ton has been

Based on this, the sales amount in 1402 shows an increase of 79 and 54 thousand tons compared to the years 1401 and 1400, respectively

The increase in the amount of production and sales led to an increase in the income from the sale of products

The revenues from the increase in sales of this petrochemical company during 1402 faced a stunning increase despite the decrease in the global price of polymer products.

The sales value of Ariassol petrochemical products in 1401 and 1400 was 274 thousand 500 billion Rials and 265 thousand 500 billion Rials respectively, this figure reached about 339 thousand billion Rials last year

10% increase in cumulative production

Ariasasol managed to produce 10% more than in 1401 in the field of cumulative production in 1402, the cumulative sales of this company in 1402 was also 7% more than in 1401

Ariasasol's cumulative sales in 1402 also experienced a 23% increase compared to the cumulative sales of 1401, while the production of this company in March 1402 was 1% higher than March 1401 and the sales amount of this month was 5% higher than March 1401

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