Disregard of Polymer Market for USD Rate

12 Dec 19

In the last week, the limited decline of the trading volume of polymers, along with a decrease in demand, led to a slight reduction of attempts to buy and compete on the commodity exchange. However, regarding the purchase restriction on some Behinyab codes and falling prices in the domestic market, polymer market responses to USD price fluctuations were not as strong as those of other commodity exchanges due to the high stocks of the last few weeks.

The effect of the half-closed week on the polymer market

31 Oct 19

The decline of the supply and demand of polymers at the commodity exchange in a half-closed week led to a decrease in the volume of polymers in the commodity stocks to the lowest number in the last ten weeks, only hoping to compensate for the week ahead, although the market is still resisting the drop in prices. We will have to wait and see what the basic prices for the market will bring for the coming week.

Serious resistance of the polymer market

24 Oct 19

The drop in the volume of transactions, as mentioned last week, supported the trading volume of polymers and even recorded limited transactions. Last week's signals still play a role in the power market, but in a half-week, expectations may not meet. Maybe.

Polymer material prices in market on Monday 20 Jan 2020

Grade Price ($)
ABS 1,580 - 1,780
PET Bottle 990 - 990
LDPE Injection 900 - 910
PE LLDPE 810 - 930
PE LDPE Film 850 - 970
PE Pipe Grade 770 - 930
PE HDPE Blow Molding Grade 770 - 820
PE HDPE Injection 850 - 950
Rotational Molding Grade 810 - 810
PE HDPE Film 780 - 790
GPPS 920 - 920
HIPS 1,040 - 1,040
PP Homopolymer 1,030 - 1,220
PP Copolymer 1,050 - 1,290
Polycarbonate 2,370 - 2,370
PVC 900 - 920
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