Announcing the basic price of petrochemical products until June 23, 2024
The base price of petrochemical products was announced today (Sunday, June 16, 2024), with the dollar of the exchange market, 42,595 Rials, for the supply of petrochemical raw materials in the commodity exchange until Sunday, June 23, 2024.

According to WikiPlast, the National Petrochemical Company of Iran calculates and publishes the base prices of petrochemical products every Sunday, based on the weekly average sales of exchange market dollar remittances. These prices serve as the basis for trading petrochemical products on the Mercantile Exchange for the week.
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Group Rise in Base Prices of Petrochemical Products

The eleventh base prices for petrochemical products in 1403 were announced today. According to WikiPlast, these prices show an increase in all polymer groups except for expandable polystyrene and high-density polyethylene film.

The base prices were calculated with the dollar exchange rate at 425,950 Rial, which is an increase of 2,750 Rial (0.65 percent) compared to last week.

In this new announcement, the SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) group saw the highest increase with a 4.6 percent rise and 35,681 Rial. Light polyethylene film also saw a 3.7 percent increase, with a price increase of 16,137 Rial from last week, placing it second in terms of the highest increases. The PVC S65 commodity grew by 1.5 percent, with a rise of 5,630 Rial compared to the previous week, securing the third position.

In the group of commodities priced with exchangeable remittance dollars, high-density polyethylene film experienced a decrease of 0.21 percent, down by 800 Rial, marking it as the only declining commodity in this group. Additionally, in the group of commodities priced with the 285,000 Rial dollar, polyethylene terephthalate bottle saw a 1.7 percent increase, with prices rising between 5,210 to 5,460 Rial compared to the previous week.

The National Petrochemical Company calculates and publishes the base prices of petrochemical products every Sunday based on exchangeable remittance dollars and global petrochemical product prices. These prices serve as the basis for petrochemical product transactions on the Iran Mercantile Exchange each week

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