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Different Types of Bitumen Package + Video

Bitumen is a thick, black crude oil and the packaging is a significant concern in transporting the cargo. Generally, there are various packaging types, depending on the cargo scale, bitumen grade, and the shipping method. Three types of bitumen packaging are Jumbo bag, new steel drum and Bulk.

You can see a thorough explanation of various packaging in the video below by Infinity Galaxy, a Bitumen Supplier in the Middle East.

 Jumbo Bag 

Jumbo Bag is a flexible multi-layer bag with high quality and resistance. This bag is highly recommended for bitumen packing because it is easy and compared to the new steel drums, it is more economical. Altogether, jumbo bags are used instead of new steel drums due to the wastage issue which is about 3-4% less. Fortunately, the jumbo bag is an eco-friendly packing that is no harm to the environment since the inner layer is completely consumable and the outer one is recyclable. The multi-layered technology of the jumbo bag prevents leakage.


Specifications of Jumbo Bag 

According to Infinity Galaxy, there are two types of Jumbo Bag. The table below shows the specifications:

Bulk Bitumen 

Despite the Jumbo Bag and New Steel Drum, Bulk bitumen is unpacked and liquid. Bulk vessels load the liquid bitumen from the origin and deliver it to the destination port. Since it has no packing, the loading duration time is less than other packings. Altogether, bulk bitumen is the cheapest type of packing and suitable method of exporting bitumen on medium and large scales. In contrast to the jumbo bag and new steel drums, it has a high storage charge in the destination port. However, Infinity Galaxy insists on paying attention to environmental issues caused by bulk packings such as bitumen leakage and greenhouse gas emissions.

New Steel Drum

There exist four different types of drums with various specifications. They vary depending on the bitumen volume, height, thickness. Of course, three of them have a common lid with 11 cm in diameter. The other type of drum has a 17 cm diameter lid which we call Big Lid Drum. Usually, a little amount of bitumen remains in the drum that can pollute the ground, so it is not as eco-friendly as the jumbo bag. In the table below you can see more detailed specifications of drums.

How To Find Your Suitable Package? 

Well, after knowing the specifications, you must know about your destination’s regulatory to decide on what package you should purchase. You can also consult with experts in Infinity Galaxy to find your best cargo type.

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