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Ahvazplastic/ NAKHL
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  • Company name: Ahvazplastic/ NAKHL
  • Manager: Younes Nabi Zadeh
  • Production: The main products are shopping bags , garbage bags , freezer bags , vegetable bags , bread bags , printed bags , thank you bags , disposable tablecover , LDPE and HDPE sheets and rolls . We can offer a wide range of sizes , colors and thicknesses for all of our products based on customer’s requirements.
  • Phone:0098021-33500165-7
  • Website: www.ahvazplastic.com
  • Factory address: 4 Bahar street, Bou Ali Sina Boulevard Shams Abad Industrial Park Tehran, Iran
  • Phone:0098021-56901132-38
  • Fax: 0098021-56906124
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