Base Prices of Petrochemical Products Announced Until June 30, 2024 + Download Prices
The base prices of petrochemical products were announced by the National Petrochemical Company on Sunday, June 23, 2024, for the supply of petrochemical raw materials on the commodity exchange until Sunday, June 30, 2024.

Unified Growth of Base Prices in the Exchange Dollar Group / EPVC Price Basis Change

According to Wiki Plast, the twelfth base prices for petrochemical products were announced, showing that the prices of most products increased in line with the growth of the exchange dollar rate.

The exchange dollar rate, used to calculate the base prices, was 428,840 rials, showing a 0.68% increase compared to the previous week. In the comparative table of base prices, more than 10 commodity groups experienced the same growth rate of 0.68%. In other words, the global price changes for these groups were zero.

In the new base prices, light polyethylene film topped the increases with a 2.7% rise, priced 11,970 rials higher than the previous week.

The ABS group also saw a significant increase of 2.6%, following light polyethylene film, with a price hike of 21,080 rials.

EPVC Price Basis Changed
In the new base prices, the basis for the EPVC group prices was changed, resulting in a reduction of 94,990 rials, equivalent to a 15% decrease. With this change, if current trading competitions continue, a significant decrease in the price of E6834 is expected.

Download Prices

The National Petrochemical Company calculates and publishes the base prices of petrochemical products every Sunday based on exchangeable remittance dollars and global petrochemical product prices. These prices serve as the basis for petrochemical product transactions on the Iran Mercantile Exchange each week

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